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Heidi Shaffer, Published March 28 2013

VIDEO: 5 ways to wear a scarf

FARGO – Anyone who knows me can probably attest that my favorite accessory is a scarf.

It’s the cherry on my outfit sundae almost every day.

Often, people will comment on my scarf and utter, “I wish I could pull it off. I just don’t know how to tie it.”

Recently while scarf shopping – something I do quite frequently as you can imagine – boutique owner Shanna Lee of SHANNALEE started showing me some great new tying techniques.

Thanks to Lee’s tips, scarves can be your go-to accessory, too. Because many of these techniques are easier to see done first, I encourage you to watch my online video with Shanna at Inforum.com.

  1. Paris Chic

    To create that oh-so-European and put-together look with a silk scarf, fold the fabric in half to create a triangle.

    Pull the ends back behind your head, so the longer part of the triangle is at the front of your neck. Wrap the ends back around to the front and tie in a simple square knot.

    Voila. Instant Parisienne.

  2. Simple Loop

    A simple loop is Shanna’s (and my) favorite way to wear a scarf. Plus, it’s so easy.

    Simply take your scarf and fold it in half. Drape the halved scarf around your neck and pull the loose ends through the looped end.

  3. The Braid

    The Braid is a slightly more complex version of the Simple Loop.

    As with the Loop, fold the scarf in half and drape over your neck.

    This time, however, take one of the loose ends through the top of the loop and down and the other end through the bottom of the loop, up and out.

  4. Simple Drape

    For those of you who have lamented before that wearing a scarf is just too complicated, don’t overthink it.

    The Simple Drape works for a few different looks.

    The first is for when you are wearing a necklace. Just drape the scarf around your neck with both ends hanging down in front, creating a frame for your necklace and neckline.

    Second, it’s great for an occasion in which you’ll need a jacket. Follow the same tip as above, but tuck the scarf under the collar and lapel of your jacket.

  5. Knit Wrap

    If you have a large, stretchy scarf, you can wear it as a wrap.

    I used this tip for my vacation this spring to Jamaica, and it was perfect for those breezy, cooler nights.

    You’ll need someone to help you with a Knit Wrap.

    With your arms outstretched, drape scarf over the top of your shoulders down to your wrists. Have someone tie the loose ends tight at each wrist.

More tips

A couple more tips on wearing scarves:

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