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Bruce Conmy and Marna Crow, Published March 28 2013

Letter: Reject editorial page vitriol and be honest about abortion

We compliment Gov. Jack Dalrymple for his courageous and progressive stance to try to limit Roe vs. Wade abortion “rights.” In The Forum’s unbalanced editorial page of March 27, we find five pro-choice positions and none representing pro-life. We hear that “women will die,” “that they are being victimized” and “that there is a war against women.” We need to consider that 50 percent of the in utero deaths due to abortion are female. Many would say that is the real war against women.

We would also like to clear up a misperception that all OB/GYN health care providers are pro-choice – they are not. We am proud to be pro-life, as are many in our department. We, as do presumably all OB/GYN providers, disapprove of our pregnant patients smoking cigarettes, using meth, using alcohol, or otherwise potentially abusing their babies in utero, and indeed counsel against it, yet we want to allow murder in utero?

We didn’t use euphemisms such as “therapeutic abortion,” “termination,” “pro-choice” (choice to do what?) or “birth control.” Let’s for the sake of discussion stop the euphemisms and talk about the stopping of a beating heart. Some say this stance is “colonialism” or “stepping back in time.” We disagree. My hope is that 100 years from now (or sooner), we will look on the post Roe vs. Wade era as a time of barbarism against unborn babies that thankfully passed into history.

The rape/incest issue is a horrific thing to happen, but we need to recall that this is a tiny percentage of “therapeutic abortions” and that the signed bills do not end abortion “rights,” only limit them.

As for fertility issues, we would like more specificity as to how doing abortions is helping fertility. What about couples who have gone through sophisticated infertility workups, and still can’t conceive – we think they would dearly love to have one of those aborted babies. We’ve had patients who have backed away from abortion and carried and adopted out to the great joy of the recipient couple. The mothers who have chosen that come back to me years later, thanking me for discussing that option, particularly in the modern era of open adoptions.

We are sorry for the vitriol in The Forum’s editorial pages and hope in our polarized society we can develop more tolerance, less hate, less anger and more acceptance; or at least consideration of others’ opinions that don’t necessarily match our own.

Conmy, MD, and Crow, CNM (certified nurse-midwife), are Fargo health care providers.