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Meredith Power, Fargo, Published March 26 2013

Letter: Disgusted to call ND home today

I’m absolutely saddened and disgusted to be a North Dakotan, something I usually take so much pride in. I will no longer capitalize your name or office, gov. dalrymple, as you have lost all respect I may have had for you or your office.

Women will die because of these bills (your potential voters, I might add!). Whether in back-alley, coat- hanger abortions or because of pregnancy complications, North Dakotan women will die. This is not an exaggeration or inflammatory statement. This is fact.

The oil boom will end, and when those workers leave our state, how do you propose we entice future residents? Any young person will take one look at your archaic birth control laws and will look elsewhere. What about a young couple facing fertility issues? They certainly will not consider making North Dakota their home. The economic and civil effects of your decisions will be long lasting.

Even when these bills are overturned (God willing; I’m certainly praying to God to make you and other supporters of this legislation see reason and the error of your ways), potential residents will always know that North Dakota’s Legislature does not care about women’s rights or reproductive health.

I’m certainly and seriously considering moving across the river. I will gladly pay higher taxes and live in a state with a huge deficit if it means my civil rights will be protected and preserved. I’m just absolutely disgusted to call North Dakota home today.