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Ken Lucier, Moorhead, Published March 25 2013

Letter: ‘Personhood’ bill in ND wins praise

Many state legislatures are in process of defining personhood. It is their fundamental duty by oath to secure all rights granted by law to all people as written by state and federal governments. The personhood legislation does exactly that for unborn people as their civil right to life under the Fifth and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution as well as by current state laws applicable to all people.

No federal statute has defined a person. The definition has been assumed by practice and court interpretation. The legislation moving through many legislatures, and most importantly for us the North Dakota Legislature, does define a person. No state or federal court has the authority to rewrite that definition.

This law, when the governor signs it, will lead the way for other states to secure this God-given, unalienable, as well as constitutionally secured right, and make it clear in our organic documents. No court can change or alter that definition by rewriting it. Should men in black try to do so, it will violate their oath.

Only the legislative branch has the authority to write law. The state Legislature has honored their oath. Thank you. This defining legislative clarification is long overdue. This progressive legislation will finally end the greatest civil rights struggle of our time in North Dakota.