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Mary Markland, Fargo, Published March 25 2013

Sensible thing is to veto bills

The North Dakota Legislature voted to become the first state in the nation to ban most abortions. If the governor signs this bill into law, it will prevent women, regardless of their circumstances, from accessing a safe and legal abortion.

A bill was also passed that will ban abortions for sex selection or genetic anomalies. The governor should veto both of these bills.

North Dakotans are a proud people who value freedoms on how to run one’s own life. Choosing how and when to have a family is among the most basic of these freedoms. The choices involved in building a family should be left to the individuals involved and not to others. In the name of other agendas, there are those in our Legislature who strive to make these choices for us. This should not be. No one should decide for an individual something as fundamental as making decisions for how to run one’s own family and life.

North Dakotans also seem to take pride in their thriftiness and know the value of a dollar. All of the abortion bills in the Legislature will be challenged in court. These court cases will drag on for years and take money that would be better spent on the needs of our current residents. Let’s take care of the children, our seniors, education and the state’s infrastructure needs before we waste time and resources defending laws that are clearly unconstitutional.

I urge Gov. Jack Dalrymple to do the sensible thing and veto the abortion bills.