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Mike Myhre, Fargo, Published March 23 2013

Letter: Butcher’s view a bunch of bull

"Capitalism, the best economic system to stimulate prosperity,” said Bill Butcher, Bismarck, in the March 17 Forum. What a bunch of bull.

Where have you been the past 32 years? Especially the past 13 years. You haven’t learned anything about deregulation, capitalistic greed and white-collar corruption – the downfall of America.

I remember sometime around 1960 and 1962 my father telling me the right-wing wanted to turn our country into a Third World country (rich and poor). They have done one hell of a job so far, haven’t they?

Thank God for the younger generation waking up. They know the difference between brainwashing, stupidity, greed and corruption. And that only fairness along with certain social reforms will bring true democracy. You can’t have true democracy with capitalism and fascism. Tell us how.

It’s time to do away with the insane profits and wages of the rich. It’s time the “average white man” wakes up and realizes he’s been nothing but a slave along with the black man.

There’s a whole lot of politicians who should be put behind bars and some who should be put in front of a military firing squad.

Where the hell is justice?