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Ray Zajac, Mantador, N.D., Published March 23 2013

Letter: Legislature out of tune with people

I have circled the sun more than 64 times, and I have never seen a governor and Legislature more out of tune with the people of North Dakota.

I travel the state a lot and visit with a lot of people. I have not spoken to one person who thinks the oil companies are losing so much money they need tax breaks. I have not spoken to one person who thinks North Dakota’s income taxes are so high that we have to lower them and give oil companies and other out-of-state corporations tens of millions of dollars in tax cuts.

Almost everyone I have talked with feels that the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts to oil companies and out-of-state corporations should be spent on our roads. We have almost 150 people a year dying on our roads. Increasing the cost of speeding tickets and DUI penalties will not lower traffic deaths. Repairing our roads will.