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Robert L. Johnson, West Fargo, Published March 23 2013

Letter: ND works against working people

Why is it in the state of North Dakota, the working class is seen as the enemy? Any time workers’ rights are voted on by our elected leaders, the worker loses. I have never seen a bill go through Bismarck that favors the worker.

For instance, the workers of Crystal Sugar were not out of a job because they went out on strike; they were put out of a job because the company was not willing to negotiate. Negotiation is a two-way street, where I come from.

It took our Supreme Court to find the state was in the wrong for denying Crystal workers unemployment benefits. Now the Republicans in Bismarck are going to ramrod through a bill making it impossible for the locked-out workers to draw unemployment.

Here we go again. Do I have to say more? I think it’s time the working people of this state stand up and be heard. Maybe we could go so far as calling it what it is, and that would be taxation without representation.

Let’s hear support from the Republicans, employers, Democrats, unions, farmers or anyone else who believes as I do that North Dakota workers are some of the best in the country and deserve to be treated as such. But if you don’t feel that way or are afraid of rocking the boat, just keep quiet and let the workers of this state get thrown under the bus one more time.