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Eleri Oley Kerian, Grafton, N.D., Published March 21 2013

Letter: Governor should sign pro-life bill

The North Dakota House of Representatives and the North Dakota Senate have overwhelmingly passed HB 1456, the “heartbeat bill.” This bill will protect the lives of unborn children with a detectable heartbeat.

I urge Gov. Jack Dalrymple to please sign this bill into law for me, for my daughters, and for all North Dakota women.

I have had the privilege of supporting women (including the post-abortive) in crisis pregnancies for the past five years. I can attest that no abortion provides the same life-giving material and emotional support that is provided by the pro-life charities in this state. Ultimately, abortion does nothing but belittle a woman who is sacrificing her living baby within her womb all in the name of “choice.” It has been a great honor to know women who refuse to choose abortion and recognize that the unique, living children within them have just as much a right to life as them.

No parent should either have or want the legal option to murder their baby, so perfectly developed as to have her own beating heart.

Some have argued that the U.S. Constitution requires Dalrymple to veto the bill. I am not a constitutional expert, but it seems obvious to me that the Constitution does not require us to allow the murder of children. If anything it would seem the due process clause in the 14th Amendment would protect the lives of unborn children with a detectable heartbeat.

After all, doesn’t it stand to reason if we are declared dead when our heart stops beating, we are alive when that very same organ starts beating?