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Sherri Richards, Published March 21 2013

Five Things Friday: 5 craft projects for a ‘hoppy’ Easter

Handy Duckling


Yellow, orange and white construction paper



Marker or crayon


Draw a large oval onto a yellow sheet of construction paper and cut out. Trace child’s hand onto a folded piece of yellow paper and cut out two hands.

Using the orange paper, cut out a diamond-shaped beak and two webbed feet (you could also use a child’s handprint for the feet). Cut two oval eyes from white paper and draw two large pupils using marker or crayon.

Layer pieces and glue together.

Project from www.preschoolplaybook.com

Easter Egg Garland


Assorted paint chip samples




Cut paint chips into egg shapes. Snip or punch two small holes at the top of each and thread onto string, arranging by color into a rainbow pattern.

Project from http://kikis-list.blogspot.com

Bunny Ears


Child-sized headband

1½ yards of ½-inch-wide double-fold bias tape

12-inch-long pipe cleaners

Sewing machine and supplies


Cut an 18½-inch-long piece of bias tape. Hem the cut ends under ½ inch on each side, then stitch together the long side to form a casing. Fold the casing in half so the ends touch, and use a straight pin to mark the fold’s center.

Feed an extra-thick, 12-inch-long pipe cleaner through one end of the casing, stopping at the pin. Feed a second pipe cleaner through the casing’s other end until it also meets the pin. Remove pin. Bring the casing’s open ends toward each other and twist the exposed pipe cleaners together to form a rabbit ear shape.

Repeat to make a second ear.

Cut a piece of bias tape the length of the headband plus an inch. Wrap the tape over the headband, then use pins to mark the two spots where you want to attach the ears.

Remove the bias tape from the headband and stitch the long side together, from the pins out to both ends of the tape. Stitch these ends closed and remove pins. Twist the ears’ pipe-cleaner ends around the headband in the desired spots, then slide each end of the headband into the casing. Use a needle and thread to slip-stitch the tape around and between the ears closed.

Project from www.countryliving.com

Handprint Lilies


White heavy construction paper

Yellow and green pipe cleaners

Pink curling ribbon or pipe cleaner





Trace child’s hand onto white paper with pencil. Cut out as many hands as you want lilies.

Roll each paper handprint vertically to form a funnel shape. Secure the side with clear tape. Curl each finger down to form the individual flower petals.

Cut the yellow pipe cleaner to about 3 inches. Loosely bend to form a U. Wrap the top of a green pipe cleaner at the bottom of the U. Curl the ends of the yellow pipe cleaner to form the center of the flower’s bloom. Insert the completed green lily stem into the center of the flower’s bloom and pull through. Repeat for each paper handprint flower.

Gather the lilies into bouquet. Tie together with curling ribbon or wrap with pipe cleaner, making two loops to create a bow.

Project from www.artistshelpingchildren.org

Bunny Treat Bags


Two white paper lunch bags

Construction paper

Cotton ball (optional)





Fill one bag halfway with wrapped candies or other sweets. With stuffed bag upright, slip another open bag over it. Tape or staple to secure.

Cut bunny face features (ears, eyes, nose, whiskers) out of construction paper and affix to top bag. Glue on cotton-ball tail, if desired.

To create shorter bags, cut a few inches from both bags.

Project from www.goodhousekeeping.com

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