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Susan Thompson, West Fargo, Published March 20 2013

Letter: Next step: Stop them at the border

Rep. Bette Grande, R-Fargo: Now that you have stopped women who can’t afford to leave the state from obtaining an abortion past six weeks, we must stop those women who have the means to travel into another state in order to exercise their “constitutional right” to terminate a pregnancy. Immediately, you must set up checkpoints at every border crossing in North Dakota. Every woman crossing the border will be required to submit to a trans-vaginal ultrasound to ensure they are not six-plus weeks pregnant and leaving the state to get an abortion legally. Should it be found they are pregnant, they will be immediately remanded into police custody and returned to their homes.

Pregnant women are too hormonal and cannot be trusted as they may make rash decisions once they leave the state. The naysayers will note that we cannot afford this, but why not just take the money away from any assistance programs for women with young children who have leeched off the public coffers for far too long?

This proposal would send North Dakota back 40 years, when all was right and pure and women knew their place.