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Chuck Haga, Forum News Service, Published March 18 2013

Area residents let feelings be known about the weather

So this latest snow “event,” as the TV weather people like to call it …

Did you love it, the beauty and breadth of it? Did you catch yourself humming the first bars of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”? Did you go out and play in it?

Or did you hate it? Did you think it not beautiful at all, and winter only evil in its persistence and reach? Did you snarl at a child who dared sing of Christmas or Frosty the Snowman?

We heard from all of you.

“I like it,” Celia Rosencrans wrote in response to our Facebook query Monday. She said she planned to “cuddle with a book in a comfy chair with a cup of tea,” and let winter be winter.

“Although,” she added, “I am anxious to get outside and work on a garden. All seasons are beautiful to me.”

So, too, said Karen Solem Duray, though she also showed some impatience.

“I live in North Dakota because I like all four seasons,” Duray wrote, “but sometimes winter runs into fall and spring and then winter is too long.”

Brian Hazle agreed, vigorously, saying that anyone who says all this snow is “nice” should be hit “in the face … with a frozen snowball … at 100 mph … with a rock in the center of it. The season of death should not last this long.”

But Daniel Sondreal, who left Grand Forks in 2007, checked in while visiting from Kansas and sounded a wistful note. “The snow … has made me feel at home,” he wrote. “It is gorgeous and calming. I live in Lawrence, Kansas, and you never quite know what kind of weather you will get from day to day. Thus, when bad weather does come, everything basically shuts down. In Grand Forks, I’ve never found it to be that way, as the people know how to handle the weather.”

A fellow who chose not to give his name – but whose phone number suggests a southern Minnesota transplant – stormed against the wintry weather with invective normally reserved for a hated politician. This snow is horrendous and unbearable,” he wrote in an email. “(I am) so completely out of my mind sick of this crap weather.

“I hate snow to begin with and this is just dumb. Anyone who ‘likes’ this weather deserves to be stripped naked, dragged outside and beaten with large ice spikes and frozen snowballs, then left to ‘enjoy’ their beloved weather. Pure seething hatred for all that is wet, frozen winter (expletive).”

He went on, but that’s about all we can share.

Many take comfort in the calendar, in knowing that Easter is coming, and baseball, and picnics or spring planting.

Sarah Marie Schauer lamented the lamenters. “Personally I’m sick and tired of hearing everybody complain about the snow,” she wrote. “It’s either complain about the snow or complain about how dry it is and how people don’t have enough water for the crops to grow. This is North Dakota. We have dry years and wet years. Deal with it.”

Arbury Johnson apparently dealt with it by moving west. “I love that you’re having it and not us,” he wrote. “I’m a Washington resident now. Snow, heat and mosquitoes were too much for me.”

Amy Huderle chimed in: “I’m bitter, very bitter,” she wrote. “I can’t make it to a concert in Winnipeg.”

But we’ll give the last word to Rus Schultz. “I love the snow!” he wrote. “Best March ever!”

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