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Ted Larson, Moorhead, Published March 16 2013

Letter: Plant-as-a-gift story was surreal, bizarre

I was stunned to read Sarah English’s praise for this completely bizarre practice of giving a plant to a women who has just, as English herself states, “ended a life inside of her.”

What an amazing leap forward in truth for the pro-abortion movement. No more calling it just a “choice” or a “nonviable tissue mass.” We are now admitting it is a life and we are “ending it.” How liberating it must be to no longer have to pretend. We are ending a life in the name of women’s health, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Now someday the pro-abortion crowd might even grow brave enough to replace the euphemism “ending it” with the more accurate, but less palatable, “killing it.” But that might take some more time. I only hope the women taking home plants are given instructions on how to keep something as precious as a geranium alive.

Kill a baby, get a plant. How surreal.