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Patricia Taylor, Fargo, Published March 15 2013

Letter: In constant awe of ND ‘progress’

I am in constant awe of the real progress North Dakota has made, especially now that we are so wealthy! Soon we will be letting the little women stay in the kitchen and telling us all to burn books to stay warm!

I am not sure where to start. How many frozen embryos can be kept – are you serious? Of course we should not pay for milk for poor children in our public schools. We need to let our well-paid teachers continue to pool the pocket change that’s left over after they buy supplies.

Amazing, that the elite and powerful can understand the importance of constantly pointing out to children and their parents that they are poor, just in case they forgot. A small amount of any breakfast will hold them until they get lunch. That’s why we have water fountains.

We can also take away any art or music. How that can increase knowledge or the love of learning is all hogwash anyway. Teaching them their letters and numbers is good enough for them. They can get a great entry job at minimum wage and support themselves and the family they dream of.

The latest news I have heard is that we are going to pay more than $800,000 to a man for not doing the job he was hired to do. Did he ever get an evaluation, and was he held to the responsibilities of his position? Who is his boss?

Watch out, western North Dakota, when they find out that you are getting reimbursed for all the expenses you have and the freedoms you were forced to give up, that money will disappear.