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Charlie Adams, West Fargo, Published March 13 2013

Letter: Democrats should quit the spin and blame, and offer solutions

The Legislature’s Republican majority cuts taxes by more than a billion dollars and then allocates more than a billion dollars for our children. They are also strategically providing millions of dollars for law enforcement, emergency services, low-income housing and the protection of wildlife. They are boldly acting to encourage life and setting agriculture and business up for success so our state can continue to prosper. Republicans increased scholarships for students and are working to ensure that the oil tax policy will remain competitive for many years to come. The Senate passed SB 2336 with bipartisan support. This is just one example of proof that Republicans in the Legislature are committed to working across the aisle to accomplish what is right for North Dakotans.

Recently, the Republican leadership wrote an update on real progress to The Forum. Reps. Wes Belter, R- Fargo and Craig Headland, R-Montpelier, wrote refreshing, common-sense explanations of tax relief for Forum readers. On the other hand, Democrats whine about Republican actions with no offer for solutions. Their responses are just negative and pointless zingers that hope to create a deep, partisan divide.

Area Democratic legislators lack leadership. They complain, point fingers and shoot holes in the progress of the legislative majority. They should spend their time on fresh ideas instead of constant spin in order to demonize their political adversaries. Their actions remind me of the negative, unprofessional and sarcastic journalistic style of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rachael Maddow. That must be what they are trying to accomplish to win people to their cause.

My simple advice to area Democrats: Stop following the lead of your Washington counterparts, end your spin and blame games and start offering solutions. We know that real progress means showing leadership and providing answers instead of just complaining.

North Dakota has seen prosperity because the state Legislature has risen above the political games and gridlock that plague Washington, D.C. Area Democrats seem to want to engage in the type of political finger-pointing that accomplishes nothing. North Dakotans, regardless of political party, want to see leadership in Bismarck.

Adams, West Fargo, is chairman, Cass County United Republican Committee.