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Beth Leake, Oxbow, N.D., Published March 08 2013

Some huge holes in Goldmark story

The story about Goldmark and the tenant being evicted did not give enough details. The facts were:

• The rent box was broken into.

• The police were called.

• Goldmark started eviction because rent was not paid.

What the story did not tell was:

• Did the tenant take their money-order receipt to the place they purchased it and put a stop payment on it?

• What company cashed the money order?

• If the money order was made out to Goldmark, how could it get cashed?

• Why was there not an uproar about the company that cashed the check?

Rent is not considered paid till it reaches the office. A rent box is put at the property for the convenience of the tenants. The management company of the property has to pay a person (in most cases this is not an employee of the company) to pick up the rent and bring it to the office. This would be like mailing a check and the check getting lost in the mail. The tenant is still responsible to make a rent payment.

I want to know who cashed the check and why is the tenant not going after them for cashing a check made out to Goldmark.