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Mel Adams, Parshall, N.D., Published March 07 2013

Letter: How much more damage coming?

Six hundred thirty-four. This is the number of bills still alive after “crossover” in North Dakota’s legislative session. Can anyone imagine 634 (potential) new laws coming to fruition in one legislative session? It’s scary, although probably not unprecedented, but most probably unnecessary and unwarranted. I suspect most of these bills either involve the redistribution of money or increased control over others’ actions and behaviors.

Many proposed new laws generally involve (the proponents’) rationalization in such terms as “common sense” or “reasonable” when, in fact, (most often) neither is true. What would make sense, and what would be reasonable, is if the Legislature would start eliminating and/or rescinding all unnecessary laws currently imposed on the people, but I suspect that their pious opinions of themselves will prevent this.

We need to stop punishing success and stop trying to control those merely exercising their rights, liberties and freedoms.