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Vicki Schlenker, Fargo, Published March 06 2013

Letter: Animal measure has huge loophole

Animal cruelty law and reform is long overdue in North Dakota. I am strongly urging that legislators pass and strengthen SB 2211.

Please support this bill and remove the loopholes that allow “breeding, raising, training, showing, and competition” excuses to neglect and abuse animals. Puppy mills are an excellent example of this. The deplorable conditions in many puppy mills allow these dogs to be confined in spaces where they can’t even turn around, denied needed medical care, and treated as inanimate objects.

Animal advocates, including myself, are not trying to infringe on anyone’s right to hunt, fish, or farm. We simply want strong and enforceable laws to help protect our animals. Most pet owners consider their dog or cat (or other animal) members of the family. It is our responsibility to protect them, as they cannot speak up or defend themselves.

I am sure many of you have heard of some of the horrible things people have done to animals in our state. More often than not, these offenders also go on to commit other violent crimes, such as domestic violence, assault, molestation, and murder. Protection of our animals is long overdue.