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Thomas Thorpe, Moorhead , Published March 06 2013

Letter: Moorhead snow performance poor

I am responding to a recent letter to the editor in regard to the criticism of Moorhead’s snow removal.

I live in new part of Moorhead that didn’t see a snow plow for over 12 hours after the big storm. There is always an excuse for the city’s poor performance, and for the amount of taxes we pay for everything in the city of Moorhead. Snow removal should have been completed in a timely manner.

I was in Fargo the day after the big snow and all the streets had at least one path plowed so the neighborhoods could be accessed.

Instead of making excuses, here is an idea: How about hiring sub-contractors to help with snow removal in some of the newer parts of the city? Let me guess: The union that represents the city’s employees doesn’t like that idea. As a taxpayer I am tired of all the excuses; just fix the problem or get rid of the people who I am sure have had their cushy city job for years and hire new people with new ideas to run the street department better. Because I am sure when the spring thaw happens we will be having the same problem with pot holes.

Just an FYI: The recently ousted mayor of Omaha lost his re-election because he couldn’t get a handle on the pothole situation. I have lived in Omaha and Minneapolis and, yes, in the big snows they do do it better.