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Sarah English, Fargo, Published March 06 2013

Letter: Gift of small plant has a big message

I want to commend Meg Roberts and her organization Plants for Patients, which gives a small plant and a hand-written note to women who have abortions. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard concerning this issue, and I’m really proud that it cropped up here in Fargo. What a great way that we as a community can show love to these women.

Even though P4P isn’t affiliated with a religious or political group, I honestly think it’s one of the most Christlike approaches ever proposed. Plants for Patients hosts get-togethers where anyone can come and write an encouraging note and put the small plants into beautiful handmade ceramic planters. P4P is having their first anniversary event and fundraiser on Friday, after which they hope to be able to host more and more of these note-writing events.

If you would think it weird to give a gift to someone who had just ended a life inside of her, think about how bizarre it is that Jesus gives us eternal life and forgiveness of sins even though we murdered him on a cross. Grace is an absolute scandal – it’s a free gift for people who don’t deserve it, and it changes hearts. That’s the kind of radical potential I see in Plants for Patients.

P4P is a brilliant organization for two reasons: it allows people like you and me to write encouraging notes to people who are hurting, and it deliberately takes the focus off of the legalism, off of the headache-inducing dichotomy of pro-life and pro-choice, and lets us just level with people and meet them where they are, as if we were simply pro-grace, pro-people, and “pro-compassion,” as P4P describes itself.

Please consider donating to Plants for Patients, attending their anniversary event on March 8, or coming out to write a note of your own someday very soon.