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Chris Deitch, Published March 01 2013

Letter: You get who you vote for

On Feb. 9 in a letter to The Forum, Sen. George Sinner, D-Fargo, essentially scolded his fellow North Dakota state legislators for cutting business taxes. Was he serious? The good senator would have us believe that a majority of state legislators are only focused on reducing “corporate taxes and oil taxes.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Both House and Senate majority leaders (Rep. Al Carlson and Sen. Rich Wardner) have publicly stated that the Republican-dominated state assembly is ready to enact a very balanced approach to reducing the tax burden on all North Dakota residents, property owners and businesses. Sinner’s narrow focus on just a couple of tax reduction proposals would lead us to believe that corporations and oil companies are getting preferential treatment.

Corporations and businesses are a huge engine of economic prosperity for North Dakota. Yes, some of these corporations and oil companies are based outside of North Dakota, but the level of investment and job creation they are contributing inside our state is enormous. Does anyone really and truly have a problem with that?

Sinner tells us that since he is a banker with a philosophy to “respect the client,” we should therefore have complete trust and faith in him. As a candidate, Sinner also wants us to believe that he carried that same philosophy with him on the campaign trail to “respect the voter.” This brings up a few more questions, at least for me:

Does it respect the voter to not let them know which political party (Democrat) he is affiliated with in more than 95 percent of his campaign letters, billboards, yard signs and brochures?

Does it respect the voter to launch an untrue character assassination, painting his Senate opponent as a detached, wealthy landlord – using class warfare to win votes?

Does it respect the voter to isolate a couple of business tax cut proposals and have you believe his false and untrue assertion those are the only tax cuts that a majority of his fellow North Dakota legislators will pass into law?

If “candidate” Sinner would have stood up and said to the voters of District 46 that he was a proud Democrat, stated his beliefs and proposals, stayed away from unfounded and baseless attacks on his opponent, and still came out victorious, I would have been first in line to congratulate him. Sadly, that is not what happened.

My advice: Be very careful who you vote for. In District 46, we are now living with the consequences of that vote.

Deitch is chairman, District 46 Republican Party