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Sylvia Morgan, Fargo, Published February 28 2013

Letter: Are they ignorant of women’s lives?

This season, The Forum has carried word of the efforts in the North Dakota Legislature to close the Red River Women’s Clinic, the one clinic in the state that offers abortion procedures. That’s one clinic, in spite of the fact that large numbers of women, over the years of their lives, need the services of such a clinic. Prior to Roe v. Wade and the pill, thousands of women yearly in the United States underwent illegal abortions. Many died.

Surely, legislators are aware of these things. Still, they come across as being willfully ignorant of women’s reproductive lives and are doing their best to obliterate from consciousness any insights they might ever have had.

Weren’t these people taught to respect women? Don’t they realize that their insulting efforts to control the lives of pregnant women will result in an underclass that has no decision-making power?

If they succeed in patronizing pregnant women right out of their human rights, these legislators will demean themselves even further than they already have. Much more importantly, they will have succeeded in placing women’s physical and mental health at risk. They certainly must feel righteous to take such chances with the lives of others.