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Pete Marinucci, Moorhead, Published February 28 2013

Letter: Blaming the media won’t solve Moorhead administrative mess

Well, well, well. It would appear that at least a couple of members of the Moorhead City Council have finally come to the realization that their obligation to provide basic services to the current residents they represent, old and new, should be their primary concern.

What a refreshing concept.

The key word here is “basic” services: fire protection, police protection, and streets and street maintenance.

Streets and street maintenance is the most important of the three. The fire and police departments and ambulances cannot perform their duties without access to all areas of the city regardless of weather conditions.

Unfortunately, identifying a problem and solving it are not the same thing.

If snow is the problem, hire someone with a snow shovel – not hire someone to try to con the press into believing that it didn’t snow as Councilman Mark Altenburg advocates.

We need less administration and more results.

As it stands right now, we are paying three people to perform the duties of city manager.


Can no one person get things so screwed up that we can’t handle a 9-inch snowfall?

We are paying a community services director, a community services manager and a neighborhood services manager.

Under their tutelage, “Moorhead was the only city in the metro that saw a downtick in new home growth last year,” according to a Feb. 26 Forum article.

Rather than spending our tax dollars on a department with a proven track record of nonperformance, perhaps we would be better off using those tax dollars to purchase three more snow shovels. Conceivably, the tax dollars not spent on shovels could reduce the amount extorted from homeowners in the form of property taxes.

Then, plausibly, the “media in town, especially print media, that seems to take satisfaction in pointing out negative aspects to Moorhead,” which is of such concern to Moorhead’s Economic Development Authority, would drop its “vendetta.”