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Dina Butcher, Bismarck, Published February 23 2013

Letter: Republicans, quit interfering in private lives

So what is wrong with saying less government intrusion is better when it is taxes or funding for overreaching health care or increased entitlements, but right about government restricting rights to make decisions about our personal lives?

Methinks at a time when change is so rapid and the world around us feels out of control, we each seek to get our arms around something to make us feel in control. I choose to clean cupboards, sort and file documents, make good meals from scratch, etc. For my friends and fellow Republicans in the Legislature, having plenty of money, you are fixing infrastructure and funding necessary programs without raising taxes. So what is left to do? Why not just go home early and declare a job well done? Unfortunately, without money being the object, how do you fill those 80 days of the Legislature?

Please, two ladies and many white gentleman Republicans of the Legislature, leave the moral and lifestyle issues for me to decide. Provide me, as the U.S. Constitution does, with rights and don’t start restricting my choices relative to my and my higher power’s decisions about my body.

On the extreme one hand, I see drones being sent to do intrusive incursions into our lives from a progressive overreaching government in Washington, and on the other hand, I see this conservative incursion into our bedrooms and doctors’ offices by emotionally driven luddites in the state Legislature. It’s time to get abortion and sexual orientation out of politics. I know wonderful people who are in committed relationships with a member of the same sex. And I know a lot of people who are in miserable heterosexual relationships because they cannot get out of their self-imposed closets.

My parents were totally bewildered when one of our family members declared, after being married, having a child and serving our country in the Army, that he was gay. Who among us does not have a relative or extended family member who has been discriminated against for his or her sexual orientation? For that matter, who among us does not have a daughter, sister, niece, friend or mother who has made the difficult decision to seek an abortion?

If we, as Republicans, believe in the right to freedom, let’s take better care of that right and not impose religious restrictions on our civil rights to make personal choices.