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Gary Kubalak, Fargo, Published February 23 2013

Letter: Doctor is wrong about human life

Dr. Necito Montaniel recently stated (Forum, Feb 19.) that a fertilized egg or a fetus is not a human being and instead compared it to a cancer. Where did he learn that?

At conception, a new and unique human being, genetically distinct from both the mother and the father, is created. The fact that this new human being gets oxygen from the placenta instead of its own lungs or is incapable of survival outside its mother’s womb does not make it any less human.

The fact that our society has chosen to not grant basic civil rights to this new human being and instead has given complete control over its life or death to its mother under the pretext of her “right to privacy” is an entirely different issue. Montaniel, or anyone else who chooses to make up their own definition of a human being, is kidding himself and choosing to ignore the facts.