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C.T. Marhula, Grand Forks, Published February 22 2013

Letter: Private school bill is out of line

HB 1466, a bill introduced in the North Dakota Legislature, will direct your taxpayer money to private schools. It will cost North Dakotans $32.6 million. It will be interesting to see how the majority party votes on the Republican-sponsored bill. This is the elephant (pun intended) getting its trunk under the tent with the ultimate goal of privatizing K-12 education.

Various tea party state legislators around the nation have advanced similar schemes under the theme of “the money should follow the student.” This would destroy the great equalizer in society: access to a great public education, and would create a permanent two-tier education system similar to what existed in Europe centuries ago.

I have no problem with parents choosing a private school or home schooling. But they should do it on their own dime, not mine. This proposal makes as much sense as taking taxpayer money to support a private toll bridge because some people don’t like the public bridge.

It will be interesting to see if the GOP power brokers have the courage to call out this bill for what it is: a bridge to nowhere.