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Kevin Wallevand, Forum News Service, Published February 22 2013

VIDEO: Fargo man hoping Facebook will answer the question of a lifetime

FARGO - When Fargo native Monte Eggers celebrates his 38th birthday on Saturday, the greatest gift could be an answer to a burning question. Who are his birth parents?

Eggers recently joined a growing movement. Turning to Facebook and other social media to find his biological parents.

It is on Facebook, now shared with his friends, his friend's friends scattered across the Midwest. Fargo native Monte Eggers thought long and hard about posting this picture. Holding a sign, he asks for help in finding his birth family.

“Just regular construction paper, it was nerve racking. I was nervous. I wanted to do the right thing," said Monte Eggers, who is looking for his biological parents. "But I told my wife if I did not do it now, I would not move forward with it. “

Eggers was born in Minot in 1975. A closed adoption, but the family that adopted him tell him, his biological parents were young, from the Minot area.

“My biological mother had a hard time letting go, I guess, you could say, of me," Eggers said.

Eggers is joining a number of people who are using social media, Facebook and Twitter, to find their birth families. The married father of four says he wants this question in his life answered. Where and who did he come from?

“The ultimate goal is confirmation of someone stepping forward to say they are my parents. There has to be some things I need to ask they would only know to verify that or a blood test," he said.

He is hopeful. The picture is out there, even in the Minot area, in hopes the young man and woman who had him, will come forward to meet their biological son. A very private request utilizing a very public social media, all to find comfort in an answer.

"Four kids of my own and one day they are going to want to know who they are," Eggers said.

He says he has already heard from other people who have used Facebook to track down their biological family.