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Sherri Richards, Published February 20 2013

Thursday review: Style Snaps not a hem solution

FARGO – Falling an inch or so below “average” height, I always seem to end up with more pant than leg. Style Snaps, a no-sew “snap and hem solution” seemed like the answer to my shortness.

I purchased a package of 16 adhesive hem snaps for $3 from the “As Seen on TV” aisle at Wal-Mart.

The 2-inch-long snap sets are sticky on both sides. You don’t need to iron or glue, just peel and stick. They are said to be safe on any fabric.

To hem, you turn the pants inside-out, adhere two to four Style Snaps along the seam or hem stitching, and cuff to the desired length. Peel off the other backing, press to secure, and turn the pants right side out.

I used a tape measure to ensure my cuff was even all the way around. When I was done, my too-long jeans were just the right length. The Style Snaps had promise.

But then my toe caught in the inside cuff and unsnapped my new hem. Once unsnapped, the Style Snaps didn’t stay snapped very well.

And then I washed my jeans. I’d missed the part of the directions where it said to remove the snaps before washing.

The plastic strips ended up stuck all over the inside of my washing machine and dryer, as well as to the knee of a different pair of pants, which I didn’t notice until after a day of running errands.

The Style Snaps logo is “change your hem as often as you change your shoes.” I didn’t realize I’d have to redo the hem that many times, too.

I thought the whole point of the “snap” was that you could regularly alternate between lengths appropriate for heels and flats.

The directions say Style Snaps can be reused up to 10 times with proper care. But it seems unreasonable to re-hem the same pair of pants over and over.

Style Snaps can also be used to close gaping shirts, bulging pockets and secure long belts. They may be good for preventing these types of wardrobe malfunctions on a one-time basis but fall short on shortening pant legs.

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