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Dan Jacobson Sr., Fargo, Published February 19 2013

Letter: Moorhead could learn from way Fargo does it after a snowstorm

Biting my lip for days, I just can’t take it anymore. You would think it’s the first time Moorhead has ever seen snow.

I drive a private plow truck servicing the Fargo-Moorhead area; from the time the snow stops, I’m working until all the jobs are done. I depend on the snow emergency routes and highways to get around. It would seem like an easy fix to put cameras in the Fargo plow trucks so Moorhead could see how it’s done.

More than 50 percent of the time, when I crossed paths with Moorhead snow equipment, they were driving with the plow or buckets up in places that needed work. For that matter, there were major streets needing work, post-snow event Day Four.

Many streets aren’t cleared to the curbs. Making a gas stop Monday of the storm at 3 a.m. on University Drive, there were six Fargo plows heading south at about 40 mph, clearing the entire street in one pass in minutes. Moorhead? Not so much. On Day Two, many of the side streets were untouched, which just adds to the problem with stuck cars. Many times I would have to plow my way to not get stuck while getting to jobs and saving cars in Moorhead.

In defense of Moorhead’s street department: After living in other cities that have snow, cars parked on emergency routes are gone as soon as the tow trucks can get in. I don’t know what people think when the weather says there will be more than 2 inches of snow and they leave their cars to be plowed in, causing the city to re-plow major streets.

Snow emergency routes are clearly marked with signs that should say: “Don’t park in snow events; you will be towed.”

Typically it will take a phone call to have the streets cleared even around schools with parking on both sides making one driving lane to pass, again on snow emergency routes. Maybe that’s what is going on in Moorhead; they are always en route to fix a problem.

Really, there is no excuse to average less than 6 mph with the equipment Moorhead has. This is far below the average of any other city in the area. I don’t know where the wasted time is, but I do know you need to have the plows pushing the snow.

If Moorhead is truly interested in attracting residents and businesses to move to the city, this doesn’t help. Maybe the City Council can pass an ordinance to ban snow?