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Dr. Necito Montaniel, Published February 18 2013

Letter: Concepts in Sitte’s resolution wrong by God and by science

Sen. Margaret Sitte, R.-Bismarck, sponsored a resolution which proposed to amend the North Dakota Constitution by saying, “The inalienable right of life of every human being at any stage must be recognized and defended.” (She is talking about pregnancy.)

This concept is wrong. It is contrary to the message of God as written in Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostril the breath of life and man became a living soul.”

The fertilized egg that becomes a fetus is made of living cells but is not a human being. Malignant moles, breast cancers and uterine cancers are living cells, but they are not human beings.

God gave us a brain so we must use it to understand his teaching. Let me explain the message of Genesis 2:7. An ovum is fertilized by sperm and will be implanted in the endometrium (to develop for nine months). However, if the ovum is implanted in the fallopian tube, it will cause excruciating pain and bleeding. That pregnancy must be terminated or you have a dead patient. There are other conditions such as diffuse intravascular coagulopathy of/in pregnancy where pregnancy must be terminated to save the mother.

The fetus develops for nine months. The lungs and respiratory system are dormant, non-functional. The fetus does not breathe; otherwise it would aspirate and drown from amniotic fluid. Oxygen is derived from the mother’s blood via the placenta through the umbilical cord into the fetus. From the right side of the heart, blood with oxygen goes to the left side of the heart through an intra-auricular foramen. The septum of the opening between the right and left side of the heart will close after the fetus is delivered.

God, with his helpers, the doctors and nurses, will assist the fetus to breathe, “gave the breath of life and man (or woman) became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7). At this time, we have a living, breathing infant. The atmospheric pressure in the lungs will close the septum.

Sitte said, “Our creator God, not the government, has provided inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God wrote these words on every human heart.”

This is misinformation. You cannot find this in the Bible or in the Constitution. It’s a quote from the Declaration of Independence. The representatives of the 13 colonies declared their independence from a foreign government. This has nothing to do with abortion. This is a weird way for Sitte to try to advance a selfish agenda to try to curtail women’s rights.

I am not pro-abortion, but there are occasions when abortion saves lives. In the case of rape and incest, it is up to the woman to decide.

I was born and raised a Christian, but I am not a mindless pawn of a radical Christian fundamentalist or any other radical group.

Dr. Montaniel is a family practice physician in Devils Lake, N.D.