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Edward TJ Brown, Perham, Minn., Published February 11 2013

Letter: Other states love ND’s status quo

Adding “sexual orientation” to the North Dakota equal opportunity statute would be just horrible and something that every right-thinking person, outside of North Dakota, should oppose with every fiber in their being.

From our non-North Dakota perspective, the status quo works quite well. North Dakota makes a significant public investment in education and then does just about everything it can to make 4 to 10 percent of its population feel mighty un-welcomed in the State whose motto just so happens to be, “Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable.”

I will let you in on a little secret; North Dakotans have a reputation among us “outsiders” as being creative, educated, honest and hard-working folk. Logically, when you add in “gay” to “North Dakotans” you are going to get the sort of folk that will work hard, pay taxes and support the arts, cultural and civic life.

These are the sort of people that we want in our state, as would anyone else with a brain, and, frankly, we are a bit insulted that North Dakota thinks that it can have its North Dakota gays back.

Sorry North Dakota, but the rest of the country needs the gay North Dakotans’ taxable income and ability to raise property values, attract upscale trendy businesses and high-paying technology jobs. Besides it’s just not reasonable for North Dakota to expect a return on its investment in its own people.

So, you taught your gays how to read, write and do arithmetic? So what! After they finished high school or college, thanks for that public investment, they are going to flee to a state, like Minnesota, where sexual orientation is covered by the civil rights statue.

Sure, they may come back to North Dakota for family or college reunions, and we are willing to make allowances for the North Dakota gays to send you the occasional post card or gift basket, but we still get their creativity, work ethic and taxable income. Why can’t you just be happy for the rest of us?

Now it would seem that North Dakota wants to ruin things for the rest of us. Darn!