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Steve Hedman, Detroit Lakes, Minn., Published February 09 2013

Letter: Avoid knee-jerk gun legislation

I have for the past many years used the issue of gun control as a litmus test for any candidate running for office. It is a very simple test because I believe that anyone who would like to place additional restrictions on the law-abiding citizen, thinking this will control the nonlaw-abiding citizen, isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree.

The most dangerous legislation that could come from the recent tragedies that have taken place would be some knee-jerk, feel-good legislation that would do little or nothing to stop such tragedies. Saddling the law-abiding citizen with more ineffective laws that will be ignored by not only the criminal element, but also the court, and will do nothing more than add to the divisiveness in our country and give some false sense of security to those who believe in this drivel.

There may be some good control measures out there, but so far I haven’t heard any. Everything I have read so far has to do with limiting the size of magazines and making assault weapons illegal. There are some very interesting non-definitions of assault weapons coming from supposedly intelligent people. Anything that can be used to assault someone could be called an assault weapon and that would include a baseball bat or a 9 iron. If you feel all semi-autos are assault weapons, don’t beat around the bush.

If you feel all weapons capable of holding a certain number of rounds are assault weapons, state the number of rounds you would feel safe with. If you feel a weapon of a certain color or with certain characteristics defines an unsafe weapon, let us know.