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Cathy Norem, West Fargo, Published February 09 2013

Letter: Hockey gun raffle outrageous idea

When I heard that the West Fargo Hockey Association was holding a gun raffle, I was appalled. This group is for the benefit of youth. Have they already forgotten that 20 children were shot and murdered in Newtown, Conn., or for that matter, any of the other shootings at schools in this country?

This is very insensitive and disgusting. Where is the common sense? Are they thinking because of the uproar in this country by a few who are wrongfully mistaken that the administration is trying to take away their Second Amendment rights that they will have a big turnout to buy a ticket? Unfortunately, they are probably right.

Who needs an assault rifle with a 30-round clip? No one except the armed services, SWAT teams, police departments, etc. The average citizen does not need one. They can still buy whatever type of gun they need for hunting or for protecting their home and family.

So many other types of raffles could have been chosen to benefit this organization. I know that this raffle is being held so that hockey players can have more ice time but the raffle is so inappropriate.

Any organization in the future, think long and hard before you choose what kind of moneymaking idea to have. Is it really the right thing considering who it is for? This is so very wrong. Do you not understand that?