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Peggy Esser, Fargo, Published February 09 2013

Letter: Respect for life gone away in US

Everyone is attempting to secure a solution to the recent shootings. Is it the guns? Is it the person? Should we limit the types of guns and sizes of magazines – maybe we do away with guns altogether? There’s probably other possible solutions that some feel are credible, too.

Ever since the federal Supreme Court legalized abortion with Roe v. Wade, I believe our respect for each other has dwindled. Human life isn’t something to treat decently. We hit; we bully; we rape; we send terrible messages via the Internet and text-ing; we kill when we lose our job; we kill because we want to; we hurt or kill when a relationship goes bad and we kill when we can’t feed one more.

Our alternatives to “trying to work it out” or “taking responsibility for our own involvement” or “just walking away” is to hurt someone, even if they had no prior contact with us. After all, they are just people.

And, after we feel we have gotten our message across – whatever it may be – by some act of violence, we sometimes take our own lives.

Now I know I’ll be criticized: “Oh, not another abortion story please; haven’t we dealt with this enough?” etc. I know I will and that’s OK. But just for a minute, stop and think about it. If we can so effortlessly extinguish a very small person, why should anyone else deserve our respect if they “get in our way?”

I’m only going to go around this old world once and I just had to express what I have seen unraveling.

To me, it’s not the guns or how big and bad they are. And diagnosing mental health issues is very subjective to the recipient. In other words, not always fair.

I believe that we have lost our respect for other human beings – our species – and it did begin by saying that it’s OK to eliminate them early. I understand the rape and incest situations, but we all know that’s hardly the situation the majority of the time.

People of any age just “get in our way.” Just think about it.