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Christina Jones, Fargo, Published February 08 2013

Letter: Lockdown drill very appropriate

After reading the article regarding anxiety after the lockdown drill at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School, I feel the need to applaud the staff for not warning teachers and students ahead of time. My daughter attends Carl Ben, and I am disappointed to hear that there are parents complaining about the lockdown drill. Seriously? I would much rather have my daughter feel some anxiety and know that the teachers can properly defend the school if it were ever not a drill.

In order for the students and staff to be prepared for an intruder, I do not think they should be warned ahead that it is “just a practice drill.”

My daughter told me about the lockdown when I picked her up from school the day it occurred. We discussed how it is important to take these drills seriously, even if it causes some fear. She said it was scary and there were anxious moments, but she understood the importance.

My 12-year-old daughter knows that the fear she endured was meant to prepare her if there ever were an intruder in her school. If a few moments of anxiety and fear can help keep my daughter safe, I have no problem with it.