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Sharon Webster Kennelly, Madison, Wis., Published February 07 2013

Letter: Embarrassing for my home state

I have always been proud to tell my friends in Madison that our family moved here from North Dakota and that my husband and I grew up in Fargo-Moorhead. It will be more difficult to say that now.

I just read how the Republicans in the North Dakota Legislature refuse to spend a relatively small amount of money so that poor kids don’t have to watch their classmates enjoy their juice and milk during snack time while those who cannot afford it have nothing. How embarrassing for North Dakota. This story is almost as tough to read as West Fargo selling guns to build a hockey rink!

Maybe fracking fields are affecting the once fine minds and good hearts of North Dakotans – or at least its legislators. I was under the impression that North Dakota has enough money to give milk and juice to little kindergarten and primary grade children who are poor.