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Anna G. Larson, Published February 07 2013

5 Things Friday: Ways to reuse coffee grounds, tea bags

FARGO – I used to think my dad was strange for sprinkling used coffee grounds on the soil of our house plants.

Turns out, used grounds are loaded with nutrients that keep plants healthy. Tea can serve the same purpose.

I found five more useful tips for recycling spent tea bags and coffee grounds.

1. Deodorize the fridge. If baking soda never quite absorbs the odors in your old fridge, try used coffee grounds.

For best results, dry the grounds overnight on a baking sheet. Once dry, pour into an open container (like a dish) and place near the middle or back of the fridge so there’s no risk of bumping it.

Source: The Huffington Post

2. Clean. Tea and coffee grounds can be used as natural cleaning agents.

Tea can remove grease and grime on mirrors.

Simply brew a second pot of tea with 1-2 used bags, discard the bags and then use the watered-down tea to clean.

Coffee grounds can be used to scrub stain-resistant surfaces, particularly those plagued by grease.

Source: BrightNest.com and San Francisco Chronicle

3. Ward off pests. Ants dislike the smell and acidity of coffee.

Sprinkle used grounds wherever pests are a problem in your garden.

Cats also dislike the smell of coffee, and they’ll be deterred from using the garden as a litter box.

Source: Mother Nature Network

4. Shine shoes. Clean dark-color leather shoes by rubbing a tea bag in circular motions across the surface.

Tea cleans while moisturizing and preventing cracks.

Source: The Huffington Post

5. Remove odors from hands. Stinky foods like garlic and onions won’t linger if you rub used tea bags or coffee grounds on your hands.

Source: The Huffington Post

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Editor’s note:

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