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Published January 27 2013

Forum editorial: Turkey relocation wins roses

Prairie roses: To north Fargo homeowners, Fargo police and North Dakota Game & Fish Department officials for collaborating on a plan to trap and relocate wild turkeys that have invaded yards, parks and gardens in the area. Likely gathered in flocks made larger than usual because of very cold weather, the big birds can be messy and destructive. They can become particularly bold when homeowners routinely feed them; thus the birds develop what can be seen as bad habits. The wild turkey invasion has become a problem because the “wild” aspect of the birds has been modified by suburban habitat and the generosity of homeowners, most of whom like to see the birds around. The birds’ more natural habitat is the heavily wooded tracts along the Red and Sheyenne rivers. Fewer birds in neighborhoods would be better for homeowners and probably for the turkeys – and that’s what authorities and homeowners are aiming to accomplish.

Prairie roses: To Fargo School Board member John Strand for proposing last week a joint advisory board to deal with the Bluestem/

Trollwood controversy that is simmering between the board and the Moorhead City Council. Strand and other members of the board would like to see a nine-member board that would concentrate on cross-river communication – a factor that seems to have been missing in discussions thus far. At least one school board member wants the schools to have a little more weight on the advisory board since the Trollwood program belongs to Fargo schools. That’s the attitude that got both sides into a shouting match. If a satisfactory agreement is going to be reached, power plays won’t do it, and Strand’s balanced proposal recognizes as much.

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