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Jack Zaleski, Published January 26 2013

Zaleski: Really, you can’t make this stuff up

What a strange week it’s been. Full moon? Could be.

Hillary wins. Pinheads in Congress tried to rattle Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the tragedy at a U.S. mission in Libya, where the ambassador and others were killed in an attack, the nature of which is still not clear. She would not be rattled.

When the thick partisan dust settled, the befuddled and artless Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and the chronically weird Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., came off looking petty and small. Paul’s ego was out of control. He said if he had been in charge (meaning if he were president) he would have fired Clinton. To which the nation responded with a great sigh of relief that he is not in charge.

The latest Wall Street Journal poll shows the secretary’s job approval/

popularity rating at a spectacular 69 percent. Similar polls peg that number for Congress below 10 percent. The tenor of last week’s hearing shows why Congress is held in such low esteem, even in contempt.

Republican rebirth? The gurus of the National Republican Party got together last week for a soul-searching retreat, but the search didn’t find much. Still sore from the butt-kicking they got in the November election, the GOP (it’s the “O” that’s their problem) is struggling to avoid marginalization – the signs of which are in election results, the nation’s demographics and tea party splintering.

So what’s the solution? Well, said a party leader, it’s not the conservative message that’s wrong, it’s the unfriendly face they put on the message. No, that’s not it. If the message itself is inherently unfriendly on the big things (immigration, civil rights, women’s issues, climate science, the social safety net, tax fairness), prettying it up won’t work. The party can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear; and the election results confirm that Americans know a sow’s ear when they see one.

Guns in church. My God, have we gone completely off the rails? Is the gun lobby-induced faux paranoia so deep that the very purpose of Christian worship has been perverted?

It seems so.

No matter how they spin it, the mindless embrace of concealed weapons in a church violates the eternal message of love and forgiveness that underlies everything Scripture teaches. How, for God’s sake, can otherwise rational people justify bringing instruments of violence, pain and death into the house of the Prince of Peace?

They are, in effect, becoming the crazies they fear.

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