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Maurice Brandt, Fargo, Published January 25 2013

Letter: Who died and made her queen?

Well, I see the left has found a reasonable spokeswoman, eh? Heidi Anwiler has stepped out onto the stage in all her glory and has solved the problem of gun violence with a fresh, new approach (Jan. 22 Forum). Throw the U.S. Constitution out the window. We don’t need it anymore because this is the 21st century.

Silly me, why didn’t I think of that? That worn-out old document that shaped our country’s founding and has kept us on the right track since 1789 can just be thrown away now because Anwiler says so. Boy, what a relief to know we don’t have to live under those stupid laws anymore. It is especially good to know we don’t have to abide by the First Amendment anymore. No more free speech because it isn’t needed nowadays.

What? What’s that you say, Heidi? That’s not what you meant? You only meant to do away with the Second Amendment? I see. So, you get to choose what parts of the Constitution we have to abide by. Who died and made you queen?