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Meredith Holt, Published January 24 2013

Five Things Friday: 5 decorative uses for Mason jars

Editor’s note: “5 Things Friday” is a weekly feature in SheSays that will run on – you guessed it – Fridays. It will focus on quick tips, ideas, activities and more – all in bunches of five. If you have a “5 Things Friday” suggestion, contact us at shesays@forumcomm.com.

FARGO – OK, I get it. Mason jars are awesome. They’re cute and vintage and rustic, and everyone loves them, especially everyone on Pinterest.

You can hang them, you can store things in them, you can put flowers in them, you can serve drinks in them, and you can turn them into soap dispensers.

There are enough DIY Mason jar projects for many a rainy afternoon. I’m no crafter myself, but I found five easy ways to add Mason jars to my décor.

1. Preserve flower petals. Allow flowers from a special occasion to dry completely, remove the petals and place in a Mason jar.

2. Light up a favorite song or book. Glue sheet music from a favorite song or a page from a favorite book to the outside of a Mason jar, place a candle inside, and the flame will illuminate the notes or words.

3. Store pens or makeup brushes. Fill a Mason jar one-third to half full with coffee beans, glass beads or stones and stick your pens or makeup brushes in it.

4. Repurpose old candles. Melt wax from old candles into a Mason jar in layers to create a new multicolored, multiscented candle.

5. Create a “firefly” lantern. Drill a small hole in the back of a Mason jar and fill it with Christmas lights for a firefly effect.

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