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Anna G. Larson, Published January 24 2013

10 tips for a feng shui environment

Creating a space with positive energy flow only requires a few key elements.

“Everything we do comes back to creating a positive energy flow,” says feng shui practitioner and life coach Cheryl Cullen.

Cullen shares simple tips for a balanced space.

  • Organize.

    “Organization is one level of feng shui,” she says. “Eliminate anything that doesn’t make you feel good.”

  • Hang uplifting artwork.

    “For me, this would be something that depicts tennis since that’s what I’d do every day, all day if I could,” Cullen says.

  • Concentrate on color.

    “Colors in your home or office should make you feel good,” she says.

    Colors can evoke specific emotions, Cullen says.

    For instance, white is good for concentration and yellow is nourishing.

  • Don’t create visual clutter.

    “This can drain energy,” she says.

  • Chairs should be comfortable and supportive.

    “The chair you sit in all day should be part of the solution,” Cullen says. “Anything that inhibits function is bad feng shui.”

  • Surround yourself with images of endless possibility and achievement.

    “When we see what we’re aspiring to be, that’s translating to your heart and your head,” she says.

  • Plants are essential.

    “Plants are one of the most positive things you can bring into a space,” Cullen says

  • Curves are good; sharp edges are bad.

  • Enjoy your view.

    “The view from your office or home is huge,” she says. “If it uplifts you, it’s great. You want to feel uplifted.”

    Cullen chooses to live by the Red River because she enjoys the view from her home.

  • Start small.

    “You don’t have to make over your whole space at one time,” Cullen says.