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Sherri Richards, Published January 16 2013

Thursday review: Device gets a handle on dry skin

FARGO – Very rarely do as-seen-on-TV products live up to their claims, so I was a bit astounded to see the small pile of whitish shavings inside the PedEgg with Handle foot file I’d just purchased for $11.98 at Wal-Mart. It was just like the commercials.

Not seen on TV, though, is when the PegEgg blade cartridge came off mid-file, causing a cloud of foot flakes to float through the air and land on my bathroom rug.

The PedEgg is an egg-shaped foot exfoliator. The “egg” part of PedEgg is a “convenient storage compartment” that holds the skin shavings while you file. The attachable blade features “over 135 precision stainless steel micro files” to remove dry skin and callouses on feet.

The blade cartridge is safe to the touch as promised; it was scratchy as I slid my finger across it, but it didn’t cut me. Commercials show the PedEgg being rubbed across a balloon, which I was able to do as well.

Now, the PedEgg comes with a handle, a feature so raved about in promotional materials I had to scoff. Heaven forbid we need to bend to reach our feet.

But, in truth, the handle is a really great feature. It was nice not to hunch over to tend to my heels, and provided some leverage as I filed. The handle is comfy to hold.

And the PedEgg with Handle did indeed smooth my rough heels as well as any pedicure I’ve had. It didn’t hurt in the least.

Its construction leaves a lot to be desired, though. The blade doesn’t seem to click securely in place, and I could hear it rattle as I filed. Twice the blade separated from the top cover and handle, once spilling the shavings everywhere.

The instructions stress the PedEgg should only be used on dry, non-moisturized skin, and not after a shower. It should be cleaned after every use.

It includes two emery pads that adhere to the bottom cover. These help further smooth the feet, and worked well on mine, but after just one use the emery pad was noticeably worn. I don’t think it will be very effective after a few more uses. Replacement blades and emery pads can be ordered online, through the mail or over the phone.

Bottom line: The PedEgg with Handle makes it easy to reach rough feet and leaves them smooth, but durability is a concern.