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Mike Myhre, Fargo, Published January 12 2013

Letter: Let’s return US to FDR-type democracy

‘Why would anyone believe bilge from liberals, Obama” Austin Culp column Jan. 5.

The only nonsense I see is you right-wingers. I swear you all have been brainwashed since the doctor slapped you on the a** when you were born.

Tell us, how do the majority of us live even a decent life, let alone the American dream, when the top two percent make at least 400 times what the average worker makes? And by the way, most (not all) of your top two percent had their wealth handed down to them. In other words, they were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

And for you wanting less regulations, did you get slapped twice? Deregulation and greed and two unpaid-for wars are the reason we are in the mess we are in. Thanks to you deranged right-wing tea party nuts, you are against everything America stands for and you’ve got greedy big corporations controlling the government and our lives. What democracy?

I’ve got some oceanfront property for sale in Arizona for you.

If I made the kind of money the top two percent did, I’d be happy as hell to pay the taxes on it.

Let’s hear more in Franklin Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights. That’s real democracy. How about it, media?