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Clarence F. “Rick” Olson, Published January 12 2013

Letter: Resist legal gay marriage in Minnesota

During the recent general election in Minnesota on Nov. 6, 2012, the state became the first in the country to my knowledge to defeat a ballot measure on the subject of gay marriage. The amendment would have enshrined into the Minnesota Constitution that marriage can only consist of a union between one man and one woman.

Despite the defeat, Minnesota law still forbids same sex couples from getting married in the state. Certain gay rights activists have targeted the Minnesota law and are fighting to get it repealed.

The debate in the weeks prior to the election indeed were very divisive and very polarizing. The arguments essentially boiled down to a generational gap. Younger people these days appear to be more willing to accept issues such as people of the same sex wanting to be married, while the older generations appear to want to continue with more traditional values.

As far as I am concerned, God’s way is my way. I cannot in all due conscience support gay marriage.

Here in North Dakota, a protection of marriage amendment to the North Dakota Constitution was proposed by the Legislature in 2003. During the general election on Nov. 2, 2004, the amendment was adopted by the voters with nearly 74 percent of the vote. This outcome was not at all surprising as North Dakota tends to be a much more ultraconservative state, while Minnesota is a much more liberal-leaning state.

I encourage Minnesota lawmakers to do the right thing and reject any efforts at legalizing gay marriage in the Gopher State.

Olson is a regular contributor to The Forum’s commentary and opinion pages. E-mail rickolson@cableone.net