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Mark Bratlie, Fargo, Published January 12 2013

Letter: Lead a march toward ‘peace’

The debate concerning guns and violence is bringing out many different points of view. For instance, City Councilman Neil Sorenson, of Spring City, Utah, proposed an ordinance requiring a gun in every household. “It sends a statement that criminals better think twice,” Sorenson explained. “If sane, trained people had guns, they could have shot back.” The rest of the city council unanimously agreed to proceed with an ordinance “recommending” the idea.

This kind of thinking could easily be applied to many other facets of our society. As the NRA has proposed, all adults in public schools could be required to carry guns. But why stop with schools? This line of thought suggests that at least every movie theater, political rally and church should not be allowed to operate without the presence of gun-carrying adults to deter acts of violence. Would this not help to create a more peaceful society?

This same mindset of deterrence could also be applied to nations and groups all around the world. All countries should encourage their citizens to be armed at all times. Groups within nations should be trained in the use of IED explosives, which would serve as a deterrence against acts of terrorism. And, instead of trying to slow down nuclear proliferation, every nation could be required to procure nuclear weapons and be trained in their use. (Remember: Nuclear weapons don’t kill people. People kill people.)

I truly believe that we Americans could be the leaders in this great march toward peace. But, then, perhaps we already are.