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Shawn Mathew Kane, Fargo, Published January 10 2013

Saddened by selfishness from people on all sides

Republicans, Democrats and independents alike: We are all part of a society that requires some individuals to have to pay more taxes than others. Some of the programs that those tax dollars are used for, and aspects of how those funds are spent, can definitely be questioned by most members of society in some way.

I am saddened by the selfishness that many of my fellow citizens are displaying with their hostile reactions to the fiscal cliff deal that was just reached. The only Americans who will see a significant change to their income are those families making more than $1 million annually. My only message to them is actually a question: Are you profiting in any way from the suffering of others who are much less fortunate than yourselves? If you are in the lower 99 percent of Americans who do not have a seven-figure income in your family, and you are complaining about the close to 1 percent increase to your payroll tax, I ask you to take a second and consider whether you enjoy how in debt our country currently is.

I have not heard too many stories that end well when it comes to owing a bunch of money. Eventually that debt often results in payment through blood and loss of life. I would rather see a few less dollars on my paycheck than to not have friends and family around due to a war involving money. Just saying. ...