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Don Rapske, Pelican Rapids, Minn., Published January 06 2013

Letter: There is a lot more to come regarding deficit

Wow, we avoided the so-called “fiscal cliff,” but we still aren’t out of the woods because we now are going into round two with debt ceiling and spending cut discussions looming ahead. The conservative politicians tell us that they have only begun to fight after their fiscal cliff vote, so everyone hold on to your hats.

Congress and most Americans are in favor of spending cuts, but we just aren’t in favor of cutting our own pet projects. We note that fiscal conservative Democrat Collin Peterson voted against the recent fiscal cliff deal, but he is leading the fight to establish a new costly farm program. Do you get the point? Many rural folks rail against Congress cutting postal service to their small communities despite the fact that the postal service is running a huge deficit. These are but two examples; there surely are others out there.

We certainly acknowledge that both examples probably need to be addressed, but why can’t our representatives in Washington solve our problems in a sane, rational manner rather than doing so in their current form. It appears as if Congress has stopped compromising – that all decisions are made in crisis. We certainly are adults and can try to be more civil toward one another.

We do have a wonderful country that has fantastic possibilities, but, unfortunately, it appears like our politicians are more interested in saving their political skins rather than serving the public good. We urge them to roll up their sleeves, stop degrading one another and get to work.