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Austin Culp, Battle Lake, Minn., Published January 04 2013

Letter: Why would anyone believe bilge from liberals, Obama?

President Barack Obama and his fellow liberals tell us that the solution to our problems is raising taxes on the very people who drive the economy. Think of it: Obama says that by squeezing another $80 billion per year out of the most productive people in America, we will solve our economic problems. He’s wrong of course; $80 billion is only about 7 percent of our yearly federal deficit.

I realize that a lot of people have been taught the communist notion that we should all be equal, but that is no excuse for buying into such stupidity. We need the high-earning, risk-taking individuals now more than ever.

Money and wealth are a reflection of time and labor. Some would say that most employees aren’t being properly rewarded, and that is almost certainly true. You can expect nothing else when government controls and bleeds the economy to the extent it does today.

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople take money or capital, which everyone who works helps to produce, and find the most efficient way to direct that capital. This produces more wealth, both for workers and their employers. As Adam Smith wrote, a free, capitalist, market oriented system, unencumbered by excessive government intrusion, produces the wealth of nations.

When it comes to America’s future, the “fiscal cliff” is no more than a worn-out rumble strip on the road to disaster. The big deal is coming at us like a freight train – a train full of government debt and promises that can’t be paid for or kept. You can peddle communist or populist bilge and blame whomever you want, but that isn’t going to stop that train.

Again, money is a reflection of labor and time, and there aren’t enough people who can work enough hours and produce enough wealth, to cover all the promises that we as a nation have made to ourselves. Especially, when you pay a good share of those people not to work and produce.

We have been conned; the money we paid into Social Security is gone. All of our social and welfare programs have promised more than we can afford. America has been sold a giant Ponzi scheme by our politicians, many of whom actually believed in the garbage they were selling.

Obama and most liberals know that this nation’s current course is unsustainable, they just don’t care; they are only interested in further subjugating a gullible nation. They have persuaded many people that punishing the achievers and rewarding the takers is the way to grow an economy. How can anyone believe such garbage?

There is only one way out of this mess and that is low taxes, less spending, fewer senseless regulations and a lot of hard decisions.