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Virginia Braathen, Tolna, N.D., Published December 29 2012

Letter: It’s not the guns, it’s the people

Every letter on the Opinion page of The Forum on Dec. 18 referred to gun control.

Doesn’t anyone understand that the guns did not jump up and do the killing? It’s the crazy person “holding” the weapon who did the killing with weapons, not the guns. These people are the ones who should have been put away, not the guns. They go to a school, and who is going to fight back? They could have used knives, a chain saw, etc. They can all be deadly in the wrong hands.

These people should be put away, not the guns. More should be done to recognize these people, and they should be regulated, checked on or hospitalized. It’s silly to blame guns and take them away from honest people who respect and use them wisely and safely, such as hunters and police officers.